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Introductions The very first storyline, meet the characters.
Rating: PG

Guess who's coming to dinner? Even if they can't stand each other, everyone likes cake.
Rating: PG

What are friends for? Everyone has friends who will go out of their way to embarrass them.
Rating: PG

Bad Children Part 1 Gwydia meets a new "friend" while getting coffee.
Rating: PG-13 (Language)

Good Children Part 1 Ayen steps in to defend a classmate.
Rating: PG-13 (Language)

Bad Children Part 2 Gwydia's new friend takes her for a visit into his world.
Rating: R (Language, Controlled Substances, Squick

Good Children Part 2 Sparky is taken under Ayen's wing.
Rating: PG

Party Time Everyone loves a party, and Gwydia gets revenge on Agate for ditching her outside Ayen's door.
Rating: PG-13 (Shonen-ai, flirting Gwydia's cleavage.)

A bit of Background.
The Creators
Bubble Wrap
Free with Cheese
Kara's Hair
Gamer's Mantra
Bag of Holding
Jehovasaurus #1
Jehovasaurus #2
Coffe Gone
Generation Magpie
Dice know
Sparky's request
Annoyance Monkey
Gaming with Sean
Worst Job Ever
Don't Steal Art
Kara's Pants
Oregon Trail
1337 Haiku

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