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Pronounced "Leet" the numbers are used to symbolize the letters L-E-E-T. Short hand for e-leet, or elite. Best if used ironically.
An action, describing the act of rubbing one's butt on the couch to relieve an itch.
Dying laughing. Something is very funny.
A post has been made, your turn to add. Sometimes non-players are accidentally tagged.
A person who acts like a jerk or an ass.
Banking and some residential buildings. Oldest part of the city. At the center is a large park and the local library.
A message box integrated into a site for posting short messages and chatting. Geek Blather has a silly one.
The domain host for Geek Blather. ComicGenesis is a free site automation and host for webcomics. There are a lot of really excellent comics hosted here. More than people expect I think.
Dave is my default name for video game characters. Formerly the name of a pet hamster, it is now the name of my computer. If I can't remember the name for someone, I'll probably say it's Dave. Sometimes it even is.
Derry is what you accidentlly type when you try to type "Sweet" but your left hand is moved one key to the left. Go ahead, try it. Because of this, it can also serve to mean "Sweet."
Devil's Panties
A webcomic by Jennie Breeden.
A sudden overwhelming urge to draw a particular thing. To be ignored only at great personal risk. Close cousin of the "plotbunny."
An inarticulate expression, meaning, "I don't have enough blood in my brain for coherent thought."
Mostly shopping and the mall section of town.
Eddie Izzard
A British Transvestite stand up comedian, and the star of "The Riches" on FX. He is a brilliant man, and hilarious, with numerous dvds of his stand up available.
Eyrie High
The public high school in Haven, which represents a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.
N. A person who is a fan of something, to the point of incoherence. V. To express such fanaticism. Adj. To possess the qualities of a fantard.
The act of waving ones arms rapidly to express glee or distress. May be modified to "Flails to death" in extreme cases.
A message board where people can talk about things. I'm a member of several, all of them comic related.
The sound of an excited pounce-type hug. An expression of affection.
An inarticulate expression of, "I can't think right now."
v. To make happy. Ie. "I saw 'Happy Feet,' watching dancing penguins happies me.
Haven Prepatory Academy
A wealthy prep school, located in Northeast Haven. Tuition is $18,000 a year, which is cost prohobitive for all but the wealthiest families in the city.
Hungry Clam
The Hungry Clam, maker of the best burgers, the best fish and chips, and just generally the most awesome place ever. The real one is in Friday Harbor, WA.
Hyatt Art
A forum dedicated to folks producing webcomics. Hyatt also hosts lots of different contests and is very friendly to all kinds of artists.
Art Museum, free before noon on Saturdays. The real Jocelyn Art Museum is located in Omaha, NE
A word, now listed in UrbanDictionary.com, used as a gender-free term for a person in a romantic relationship. Takes the place of boyfriend or girlfriend, and can be used for m/m, f/f, or m/f pairings.
Made of___
A phrase to express the qualities of something. Usually "made of win" or "made of flail and win" an emphatic. Loosely translated to "That is a very winning act or representation."
Moo Danube
Ice Cream shop, homeade cones
The richest section of town. Haven prep and the homes of wealthier families are located in this area, including Chad's and Joliet's.
Northwest Haven
Suburbian layout, mid-middle class, to upper middle class homes, including Sparky's and Gwydia's houses.
Sometimes abbreviated OC, OpenCanvas is a graphics program that allows for networking, digital sketching and coloring, and combines the basic functions of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. The free beta version can still be found online for download.
The most common advanced graphics program, used by digital and traditional artists alike to edit and produce their work. Made by the fine folks at Adobe.
A sudden overwhelming urge to write a particular scene.
A burger and milkshake stand, popular among Eyrie High students.
Potato is my cat. She's a-stoopid.
V. To own, or win, or triumph over. Pronounced p-ohh-n N. Pwnage The act of winning or triumphing.
adj. or adv. An abbreviation for "redonkulous," a bastardized for of ridiculous. As in, "I am redonk excited." or "That's so cute it's redonk."
A common Fanfiction term, used to combine two characters in a relationship from a particular "fandom," usually connotes a male/male or female/female pairing.
V. To have sex, or "make the sex" also to combine two characters in a sexual situation. Adj. Smexy.
The poorest area of Haven. Rae is from here.
An abbreviation for Southaven.
Stone Soup
Place with excellent sandwiches. The real version is in Walla Walla, WA.
Adj. Something sucks, or is lame. (1337)
A graphics art tablet, used for creating digital art. My personal tablet is a Wacom Intuos 3.
Angst for it's own purposes, possibly caused by nothing, and self serving. A combination of 'wank' and 'angst.'
Adj. Something is weak, or lame. (1337)
The "gay" or "alternative" section of the city. Lots of clubs and trendy shops.
An editable information source. The most common is "Wikipedia," a publicly editable encyclopedia, there are many kinds of wikis.

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