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Raveyne, By VioletPoof Gwydia and Agate, by Megumi Raveyne by Brock
Gwydia by Alecks Raveyne, Gwydia, and Ayen by Mineka C. Gwydia, Chibi-Sparky, and Ayen, by Mineka C.
The whole gang, by Tired Orange Cat Raveyne, by Sloan Gwydia and Raveyne by MissLoneWolf
Raveyne and Gwydia by David Wolfe

*Hyatt Draw-Off Winner!*

Michael's eerily accurate depiction of my muses. TOC and Gwydia at Prom.
Gwydia and Raveyne by Miruku creator of Emma Gwydia in 3-D by Rick Hale, of DataChasers A comic where Kara and I are nuts, by Aiden
A present from Aiden for hitting 100 strips! Whee! Arts by Sarah More lovely fanart, this time of Katie and Sparky, by Miruku

Emma, from Emma The Healer from SuperFogeys Amy, from BetaPwned
Raveyne and Rae from Striptease Hazel, from Girls with Slingshots A guest strip for Girls with Slingshots

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