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Quinn, works in a seed lab by day, training to become an RST, draws, reads, fixes things that are broken the rest of the time. Still likes metal, especially indie metal, rap. Still dislike country and hate cinnamon.
Kara, co-writer and self-proclaimed 'geek bait' and recent law school graduate and bar-passer. She doesn't have times for likes or dislikes.

Ayen Abreyde. A senior at Eyrie High school, he's the captain of the football team and transferred to Eyrie High two years ago from the private school, Haven prep. Friendly with most of the student body, although he keeps to himself for the most part. Because of this his background is something of a mystery.
Gwydia Mareth. Gwydia just started at Eyrie this year as a freshman, despite being a year older than most of her classmates. Another former Haven Prep student, she was held back for unknown reasons. She associates mostly with the theatre crowd, particularly her best friend Agate. She's fairly adamant about having her own way in most situations, regardless of the outcome, and not above doing whatever it takes to get it.
Raveyne. Technically a senior at Eyrie High, although his attendance makes that status somewhat suspect. He prefers not to associate with other students, unless there is some significant benefit to himself. He has a long history of conflict with other students.
Agate [Aa-get] Kinn. Flamboyant and occasionally prone to fits of bitchiness, Agate is Gwydia's best friend at Eyrie. They share a common love of Audrey Hepburn and theatre. Agate often encourages Gwydia's misbehavior, although deep down, he tries to keep her best interests at heart.
Kipp "Sparky" Reule. Sparky is Eyrie High's resident 'brain'. Genuinely liked by most of the teachers, his fairly meek nature usually means that he ends up the subject of ridicule and bullying from other students.

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